Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sephora inspired brush holder!

This post is going to be about the Sephora inspired brush holder that I feel like everyone has! Well, I made my own and here is the result! This has been "coined" the Sephora inspired brush holder because this is the way that Sephora displays their brushes that they sell in the store. For a wonderful tutorial on how to make this brush holder check out EnKore Makeup on YT!

The purpose of this brush holder is to be able to not only have easy access to your brushes, but to have something that looks nice on your vanity.

First, the materials and where you can purchase them:
  • The container- the container is a white ceramic container that I purchased at Michael's for about $5.
  • The clear beads - these come from Michael's. They can be found in the floral section. They are little clear beads called ColorFill and they are about $5.
  • The red and green beads- As you may be able to tell I love red and green things. I wanted to add something other than clear beads. So low and behold I found something in my bf's closet that worked perfectly. He had a whole container of the little things called Airsoft pellets. Basically they are little clear plastic beads that you can use to shoot people with, but they work even better for this in my opinion! To his dismay I could take "anything and use it for beauty stuff" But, the airsoft pellets come in lots of pretty colors such as red green, white, orange. You can purchase these at walmart!
  • The brushes- the brushes you can find in your own makeup collection!
To see more about the brush holder you can view this video on my YT channel:

This brush holder allows the brushes to stand straight up and they become easy to access and very easy to store.
Let me know how you organize your brushes by commenthing below!

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