Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nail TAG

I saw this tag on the lovely Nouveau Cheap's blog and decided I would do this here! If you haven't checked out her blog you are really missing out! She gives lots of great insight on affordable beauty products as well as letting you know about great deals!

How many polishes do you have in your stash?
About 50 and growing!

Which brand do you own the most of?
I would have to say I own the most China Glaze

What colors do you own the most of?
Pinks and nudes

Do you have a color/texture you do not own?
I don't have any neons or yellow polish.

What's the one polish you always pick up to lift your spirits?
China Glaze Good Witch. It is a great pink color with glitter!

What is the nail polish that you wear most frequently?
Rimmel Milk Chocolate!

What polish do you keep looking at and wondering why you haven't gotten rid of it yet?
Rimmel Princess Pink-It is a beautiful color in the bottle but I feel like it takes at least 3 coats to get anything even close to the color in the bottle.

Go-to Base Coat?
Don't really use base coats that often, I know I should...but I just don't!

Go-to Top Coat?
I like the INM Out the Door top coat

Stamping vs Free Hand?
I typically do very simple free-hand. Can't afford to get into stamping right now!

Bling me, baby? or No bling for me, please!
Some bling-an occasional glitter polish here or rhinstone there.

I consider my nails basically nekkid if they don' t have some kind of design?
Nope! Most of the time I use just ONE color of polish. It is on a very rare occasion that I attempt a nail design.

My favorite plate/tool/technique?
Hmm, I really like using an unexpected color as a french grey!

What was the last nail related thing you bought?
A mini nail quad of Spring Inspired Essie nail polishes

How many nail related hauls have you bought in the last 7 days (on-line/in-person)?
Only one-a quad of mini Essie polishes

If you've ever been on a no-buy, how long did it last? Is that what you planned?
I've never put myself on a no-buy for nail polish, but if I was I have a little inkling that it wouldn't last too long!

If anyone out there reading this is a nail polish lover, I tag you to do this fun nail tag! Either do your own post on your blog or put your answers in the comments section :D