Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blog Sale

Thanks so much for checking out my blog sale. I decided to do some cleaning and I have makeup that needs a good home! All sales are final so please do you research before buying. The colors shown may not be accurate as computers can distort colors. Please do your research before buying so you know what the colors look like.

- This sale is only open to US as of now, I may open it up Internationally at a later date. All items are on a first come, first served basis. I will update this post when I can. PENDING means that an item has been requested but has not yet been paid for. Once I receive payment for an item, I will mark the item as SOLD.

-I will only accept PayPal as payment to purchase from this blog sale. This is the easiest type of payment. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign up for free at

-Email me at and let me know what items you would like to purchase as well as your paypal email. I will email you an invoice via PayPal stating your total cost. Please make the payment within 48 hours or the items will go to the next person.

-If you are interested in multiple items you can make me an offer. I want these things to get a new home!

-Shipping costs will be $2 for the first item and an additional 50 cents per item.

If you have any additional questions about sizes or usage please shoot me an email. Thanks :D

Mini Zoya Polish in Caitlin-(0.25 fl oz half of the full size)-Swatched on one nail-$2.50

 Twilight Woods Fragrance Roll On-Used once-$2

AHAVA Hand Cream-Use twice-1.3 fl oz size-$4

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Candles By Victoria- Over 600 Scents?!?

I am not quite sure why it has taken me so long to talk about this company because it is one of my favorites, but here I go! I spent the longest time trying to find a good candle. Good candles can be hard things to come by. They are either too expensive, don't smell true to scent, or don't scent a room at all. Well, all that changed when I discovered Candles By Victoria. Candles By Victoria is a family run independent business run out of Van, Texas. I absolutely love supporting family/independent businesses. Victoria has a brick and mortar store there, but she does most of her business through her website  CandlesByVictoria.  Her candles are very reasonably priced, have an amazing scent throw, and smell incredibly true to scent. The only issue I have with her company? She has over 600 scents so it takes me days to plan out an order :D

Here is a very small sampling of my collection (just to get an idea of the different size options offered):
Victoria definitely has a fragrance, candle size, and price point that would appeal to everyone. Her options range from 2 oz scent shots that you burn in a tart warmer, to reed diffusers, to mini jelly jars, to candles that look and smell like delicious desserts, to 32 oz kettle candles, to her newest line of candles called Sweet Treats, need I go on?

It can definitely be overwhelming at first but my advice is to pick a category of scents you like, for me it is fruity and bakery. After you have determined what scents your nose gravitates towards, then look at scents within that category that appeal to you. Her scent descriptions are so amazing and really help you imagine what that scent will smell like. I promise you once you make your first order you will surely be hooked!

I am also a member of the pouring pot which is the Candles By Victoria message board. If you want suggestions please come join us on the board. It is full of amazing people with nothing but great advice, even on things unrelated to candles. Another great resource for CBV suggestions is YouTube. I know there are a bunch of amazing review on YouTube. I try to always do reviews when I get a new order in on my YouTube channel.

Probably my favorite thing about her company? How involved Victoria is with her customers. Watch a video of hers and you can instantly tell how passionate she is about what she does. She is always inventing new ideas for her company and always asking for her customers advice. I love when you order from a company and feel like they truly care about you. I honestly can't say enough fantastic things about this company. Check her site out, I promise you won't regret it :D

Friday, April 1, 2011

New Makeup Line From Sigma!

These palettes are now available: here!

The new makeup line consists of three different eye shadow palettes each with its own name: Flare, Dare, and Bare. Each palette will contain 8 eye shadows and a dual ended eye makeup brush. Each palette also has a mirror inside which is perfect for on the go! The palette will retail for $35 (USD) which is a fantastic deal because the retail value of the dual ended brush alone is $18.

Note: The following pictures are not mine and do not belong to me! They were taken by Simone and she gave express permission for bloggers to use them. All of the credit for these pictures goes to her :D

* Here is a picture of the dual ended makeup brushes that will come in the various palettes. I love how the handles of these dual ended brushes are colored to match the colored design of the packaging of their respective palettes, which you will see further below.

*Flare: This palette contains what I would call neutral with pops of color. The colors in this palette would be great for creating a neutral look but also great for those days when you want to add a little color. The colors from left to right are: Crush, Oversee, Define, Publicize, Resist, Gossip, Allure, and Beware. Oversee looks like the most gorgeous blue, perfect for adding a pop of color in the form of liner to a neutral look! This palette comes with an olive green handled dual ended brush that contains the E55 on one side and the E40 on the other.

*Dare: The first though I had when looking at this palette is that it is fairly reminiscent of the colors you would find in the desert. There are a beautiful range of earthy shades in this palette. The colors from left to right are: Surrender, Grasp, Chase, Escape, Reveal, Catch, Shout, and Vanish. Shout looks like the most beautiful orange yellow shadow. That color reminds me of a gorgeous sunset. This palette comes with a red handled dual ended brush that contains the E20 on one side and the E45 on the other side.

*Bare: This is what I would call the working professional's palette. It has a beautiful range of neutral colors for any working professional during the day, but it also has a few colors that could turn a beautiful neutral eye into an amazing smokey eye for the evening. The colors from left to right are: Shine, Control, Snoop, Hitch, Act, command, Elope, and Approach. This palette comes with what looks like a tan dual ended brush that contains the E30 on one side and the E25 on the other.

I know a lot of you will be asking this question as well, what is the finish of these shadows? Per Simone on Twitter these will be a mix of matte and satin in each palette. I literally jumped for joy when I read that! I personally like using a mix of stain and matte shadows in my everyday look and I get so frustrated when I pick up a palette that has only one type of finish. Variety is the spice of life after all? Maybe not, but in this case that old sentiment rings true.

These palettes are perfect for traveling because you have a great variety of colors with different finishes, 2 brushes, and a mirror all housed in a very classy and sleek looking palette!

I personally like neutrals with a pop of color so I can't wait to get my hands on Flare and Bare :D
You better believe there will be a review on my Youtube channel as soon as I can get my hands on these! I really think that there is something for everyone here! Which one do you think you will get?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick Dupe!

MAC Lipstick Dupe Alert! If you have ever watched any of my YouTube videos you know that I absolutely love lipsticks that are a "your lips, but better shade." I would say that is my all time favorite shade of lip color. I was going through my collection the other day and I saw these two lipsticks that fit that shade description exactly and I thought they looked pretty similar in the tube. I have had both of these in my collection for quite a while, but I have never really thought to compare them. One is a drugstore lipstick that cost a couple of dollars and one is a high end lipstick that will run you $14.50, so I thought that maybe the drugstore one could be a dupe of the higer end one. The picture above shows both of these lipsticks. Tne one on the left is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Sunset and the one on the right is MAC Viva Glam V Lipstick.

The one of the left is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Sunset which is available in all drugstores that sell Rimmel. The one on the right is my all time favorite MAC Viva Glam V lipstick available at Mac stores, counters, and online,

They both have pretty much the same amount of shimmer. In my opinion they are pretty close dupes. I think that the Rimmel lipstick is a bit more neutral than the MAC Viva Glam V which I think is a tad bit more on the pink-neutral side. Both of these lipsticks are a "my lips, but better" lipstick and it is the perfect lip color to wear on an everyday basis.

Will I replace my MAC lipstick with the Rimmel one? Probably not and I only say that because 100% of the proceeds of the MAC one go to charity. So while the MAC one is $14.50 and the Rimmel one is about $5, I will pay the extra money to donate to charity. For those of you who are looking for a good alternative and a cheaper dupe, definitely check out the Rimmel one!

Monday, February 28, 2011

Swarovski Necklaces!

Hi Everyone! I have been making jewelry for quite a while and recently I have been considering selling my jewelry. So far I have only made three designs that will be available for sale and they are available in a very limited quantity for the time being. As time goes on I may add more designs. I am doing this strictly as a hobby and because I would love to be able to share this with everyone.

These necklaces are listed to purchase on Etsy:

All necklaces are made to order. Because I am just starting out, order processing time is usually 4 days and I will be using USPS.
Thanks so much for all of your support!

Anchors Away Necklace
$15 shipped anywhere in the US
This necklace is on an 18 inch silver plated chain with a silver plated anchor charm and an 8mm Swarovski crystal in capri blue. It has a lobster clasp and there is a 6mm Swarovski crystal in capri blue at the closure.

Starfish Necklace
$15 shipped anywhere in the US
This necklace is on an 18 inch silver plated chain with a silver plated starfish charm and an 8mm Swarovski crystal in capri blue. It has a lobster clasp and there is a 6mm Swarovski crystal in capri blue at the closure.

Guardian Angel Wing Necklace
$15 shipped anywhere in the US
This necklace is on an 18 inch silver plated chain with a silver plated wing and an 8mm Swarovski crystal in amethyst. It has a lobster clasp and there is a 6mm Swarovski crystal in amethyst at the closure.

If you are interested in any of these pieces please visit my Etsy site (listed above).

Thanks so much for all of your support :D

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Incoco Nail Appliques

Incoco dry nail appliques give you a perfect manicure in minutes with no dry time.

Details: These are dry nail appliques that are made of 100% real nail polish, they are not plastic or stickers. These act as a base coat, main color, and top coat in one. These are DBP, Toulene, and Formaldehyde free. These come in a variety of colors, glitters, and designs including a french manicure option.

Where to Buy: As far as I know these are now only available to purchase at their online store for about $8. I purchased mine on clearance ($2) at Walgreens, but as far as I know they are not sold there anymore.

 How to use it: These come on a strip (as you can see in the picture above). You just peel the polish off of the backing and place on your nail. The package comes with a file and you use that to file off any excess. You do not need to use a base coat or a top coat with these. The first time or two that you use these it can be a bit tricky but it becomes very easy once you get the hang of it. To remove these you just use regular nail polish remover. I find that these tend to "stick" to my nails more than regular nail polish so I prefer to use acetone polish remover. Non-acetone works just fine too, but it may take a bit longer. Incoco's website has great instructions as well as videos on how to apply.      

Just a note: My nails are on the shorter side so I am able to use one strip for two nails which gives me more value for my money.My tip is to start with the pinky finger and work your way to the thumb.

How long they last: The picture to the left is my nails on day NINE of my manicure. Usually I am lucky if I can get 2-3 days out of my manicure before I have to remove it because of chips. This manicure could have probably lasted a few more days as well. There was one small chip and the tiniest bit of wear at the tips.

My thoughts: I love this concept as well as the product. It can be a bit more time consuming than a regular manicure to actually apply but the fact that as soon as your done, your nails are dry I would say it is worth it. I wouldn't say that these are something you would use every time you paint your nails, but these would be perfect for something like a vacation where you don't want to have to worry about chipping and touching up every few days. These a perfect for someone who wants a long-wearing manicure with no dry time and ease of application.

Argan Oil

Moroccan Oil seems to be the new thing lately, but it is quite pricey. I have seen it go for $30 for the same size bottle as this Argan oil which retails for $9.50. I decided that the Argan oil would be a friendlier alternative for my wallet.

Details: An oil treatment that is used to protect hair from environmental and heat damage as well as to revitalize and nourish fry and damaged hair. This product also claims to add shine and help to eliminate frizz. The bottle that I purchased is 3.4 oz.

Where to buy: I purchased mine at Sally Beauty Supply for about $9.50.

How to use it: I take a quarter size of this prodcut (I have long, thick hair) and smooth it through my hair after my shower. I also use it on dry hair before I straighten it.

My thoughts: I am in love with this product. This is a quick step that I can add to my hair routine and I am able to use it on wet or dry hair. I have seen a significant improvement in my hair in terms of look and feel. My hair is naturally unruly, curly, and a bit coarse to the touch. After using the Argan Oil I have noticed that my hair feels softer, looks less frizzy, looks shinier, and it looks healthier overall.

Overall rating:
I would give this product A+. I can't compare this to the Moroccan oil, I'm sure it is a fantastic product but the Argan oil works great for me. I love the way this makes my hair look and feel and it is a great value for your money because you need the smallest amount.

What do you all think? Have you tried Argan Oil and what were your results?