Sunday, April 18, 2010

White Watch? Under $20? No Way!

Hi everyone! I promise that in the near future I will become more diligent in updating this blog. Life has just been so crazy lately, I'm sure many of you know how that is.

I wanted to share something fashion related with you that I just purchased thanks to Tracy and Stefanie from eleventhgorgeous on Youtube. Do you know how every season there seems to be one trend that everyone is loving? This season it seems as if white watches are the new big thing. I have a love/hate relationship with watches because I feel that most of them are either too expensive for what I am willing to spend or are not quite "fashionable" enough for my taste. I like my watches to be a bit of a statement piece and something that can look good with other fashion pieces as well. Well, I came across a gorgeous GUESS watch, but lo and behold it was $150. So, Tracy and Stefanie introduced the YouTube world to this watch from the company BONGO:

It meets all of my criteria for an everyday watch and the best part? It is only $15! I love the fact that it is so affordable because in the off chance that something were to happen, you won't be out a ton of money. You can purchase this watch from Amazon or I picked mine up at my local Sears! I love that it is a bit more of a statement piece and it has the lovely rhinestones all around the face of the watch. I would have never believed that a watch like this would retail for under $20 if I had seen it first. I was a little bit skeptical about this watch at first, which is why I chose to purchase it in a store so I could see it for myself before making the purchase. But, let me tell you it is definitely worth the $15! Let me know if you pick this watch up and what you think! Hope you all enjoyed this!

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