Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Twist on the Traditional French Manicure

I love the look of a classic french manicure, but I was looking through my nail polish stash the other day and I decided to do a french manicure with a twist! Here is the final result:Keep reading if you want to see what products I used and the steps I took to achieve this look. Keep in mind you can use any brand of polish that is the same color, I am just showing you the particular products I used.

First, I applied a base coat to my nails. This gives the nail polish something to grab onto as well as prevents your nails from getting stained. I used the China Glaze Strong Adhesion Base Coat (Sally's Beauty Supply):

Next I applied grey nail polish to the tips of my nails. Try to make the line as straight as you can, but if it's a little uneven that's ok, because we can cover it up with the silver later! I used MAC nail polish in On the Prowl (MAC):
Then paint over your entire nail (including the grey) using a very sheer pink color. I used the Rimmel nailpolish in french manicure (Drugstores):
Next, I used a silver nailpolish with a fine tip brush applicator. I painted a line where the grey polish and the sheer pink color meet. Here I covered up any mistakes I made with the grey by thickening the silver stripe. I used So Easy Stripe Rite (Sally's Beauty Supply):
Last, I used a top coat to seal in the nail look! I used Beauty Secrets fast drying top coat (Sally's Beauty Supply):

This technique is fun because you can use any color combination. You can do pink tips with silver, black tips with gold, aanything you can think of you can do with this nail look!

I hope you enjoyed this. Comment below and let me know what color combination you used :D


  1. I love this! Simple yet cute! :]

  2. I try doing french nails myself but it's quite hard. Love the nails though! (: