Thursday, June 30, 2011

Candles By Victoria- Over 600 Scents?!?

I am not quite sure why it has taken me so long to talk about this company because it is one of my favorites, but here I go! I spent the longest time trying to find a good candle. Good candles can be hard things to come by. They are either too expensive, don't smell true to scent, or don't scent a room at all. Well, all that changed when I discovered Candles By Victoria. Candles By Victoria is a family run independent business run out of Van, Texas. I absolutely love supporting family/independent businesses. Victoria has a brick and mortar store there, but she does most of her business through her website  CandlesByVictoria.  Her candles are very reasonably priced, have an amazing scent throw, and smell incredibly true to scent. The only issue I have with her company? She has over 600 scents so it takes me days to plan out an order :D

Here is a very small sampling of my collection (just to get an idea of the different size options offered):
Victoria definitely has a fragrance, candle size, and price point that would appeal to everyone. Her options range from 2 oz scent shots that you burn in a tart warmer, to reed diffusers, to mini jelly jars, to candles that look and smell like delicious desserts, to 32 oz kettle candles, to her newest line of candles called Sweet Treats, need I go on?

It can definitely be overwhelming at first but my advice is to pick a category of scents you like, for me it is fruity and bakery. After you have determined what scents your nose gravitates towards, then look at scents within that category that appeal to you. Her scent descriptions are so amazing and really help you imagine what that scent will smell like. I promise you once you make your first order you will surely be hooked!

I am also a member of the pouring pot which is the Candles By Victoria message board. If you want suggestions please come join us on the board. It is full of amazing people with nothing but great advice, even on things unrelated to candles. Another great resource for CBV suggestions is YouTube. I know there are a bunch of amazing review on YouTube. I try to always do reviews when I get a new order in on my YouTube channel.

Probably my favorite thing about her company? How involved Victoria is with her customers. Watch a video of hers and you can instantly tell how passionate she is about what she does. She is always inventing new ideas for her company and always asking for her customers advice. I love when you order from a company and feel like they truly care about you. I honestly can't say enough fantastic things about this company. Check her site out, I promise you won't regret it :D

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